A wee Scottish surf movie.

Surfing is about balance.
Stoked is about finding it.

A film by Mark Jackson and Carly Bowie.

Shot entirely on location in Fraserburgh, crewed and cast by volunteers, Stoked was made with the support of local community organisations and businesses.
1. One of Scotland's leading surfers, Scott Main made his acting debut in the film. 2. Paul Main on location in Fraserburgh Harbour. 3. The cast and crew of Stoked at Fraserburgh Beach.


A film by Mark Jackson and Carly Bowie.
"Winner of the Best Imaginative Response to the Subject of War' at the Imperial War Museum Film Festival 2012."

Smith is terrorised by a gang of youths until one night he rediscovers the spirit of his youth. Smith was filmed in Fraserburgh over three days. It features Henry Duthie MBE as Smith. It was made on a budget of local goodwill. It was screened at the first Aberdeen City and Shire Film Festival and the Inverness Film Festival in 2009.


London 1925. The Crown Jewels are stolen. Four disgraced Yeoman Warders resolve to recover the gems. For them, it is a matter of honour. Can the Beefeaters get them back?


An Englishman's home is his castle, except when it becomes his Battleship. Turnpike is sacked. Jobless, he takes his family north to Scotland. Seeking a new life in a new land.


Two surf-crazy Scots hijack a fishing boat in order to take part in the Celtic Surf Festival in Ireland. The trip changes their lives forever.


Book by Mark Jackson
Jack Morgan is young, gifted and American. He arrives at Oxford University with one burning ambition - to win a Rugby Blue.
If he does so, a place in the 1924 US Olympic team will be his. A team that would ultimately win Gold in Paris.


A London Cabbie stumbles upon the existence of a secret society with the ranks of the Black Cabs. The Knowledge could cost him his life.